My Journey As An Entrepreneur

My passion for photography started long ago back in middle school when I chose to take a photography class for my electives. We learned about all sorts of photography things that to be honest don’t really stick out in my mind, the biggest thing I remember from that class was making pinhole cameras and developing our own film in a darkroom.

I’ve always had a desire to create beautiful things and to have my own business. I just love the idea of starting a business and making it grow into a job that doesn’t feel like a job at all. (I’m still working on this dream, it’s been in the making for years) In fact, I tried to sell ‘Jesus Loves You’ pictures for a penny in elementary school. That’s how far back my entrepreneur soul goes!

In high school I started a jewelry business. I would make beautiful pieces with semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver. I signed up for every craft fair that I could and my childhood best friend, Hannah, was always right there by my side!

My love for making jewelry slowly faded away as the years passed and toward the end of college, I ditched it all together. My first love, photography, had once again been reignited in my heart. I started using a basic DSLR camera that I borrowed from my friend (basically sister) Moriah. I used it to take better pictures of my jewelry items for my Etsy store. Soon enough I was more interested in taking pictures of people rather than jewelry.

“Instead of stressing over creating beauty, I started capturing the beauty of what God has already created, I know nothing more beautiful than that!”

Now, instead of me stressing about perfectly curating a beautiful jewelry piece, I was capturing the beauty of what God has already created. I don’t know anything more beautiful than that! Capturing the stories of people, their precious and intimate moments with their loved ones. Every moment I capture is now saved for a lifetime. 

I was eventually able to afford my own DSLR camera, my first baby, a Nikon D90. This camera was what I started my business with. I started taking pictures of all my friends and family friends and soon it turned into a source of income. I’m 3 years into starting this photography business journey it’s been an awesome time!

Although my business is in the growing process, I hope and pray that in the future I will reach my goals. I’ve learned so much since I started and the quality of my work has gone from not great (seriously, thank you to my first clients who believed in me) to much better (definitely still a work in progress – as we all are). My goals are defined. I know where I stand currently with my business and I know the goals I want to meet. It’s the journey that counts, that’s where all the learning happens!


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